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Water Cooled Air Conditioning

Water CooledWater Cooled VRV Air Conditioning
Water cooled air conditioning is a popular choice where space is at a premium. High rise buildings in urban centres are a good example of the ideal application for such units.

Benefits of Water Cooled VRV Air Conditioning in Newcastle Upon Tyne and Nottingham

Specialist contractors know that water cooled air conditioning units have several beneficial features:-

Stacked1. Ideal for installation in restricted spaces.
Water cooled VRV units require considerably less space than conventional air cooled air conditioning. The footprint of a water cooled unit can be only 60% of that of an air cooled one. Additionally, the low height casing of a water cooled unit enables double stacked installation. A water cooled VRV unit will weight around 40% less that an air cooled VRV unit.

2. Energy Efficient Start Up
The compressor start is very smooth and soft and is accelerated gradually with no rush current. This avoids a costly power spike on start up and enables a down sizing of power cable, a further cost saving

Air Conditioning Newcastle Upon Tyne Airport3. F-Gas Content Reduction
The refrigerant charge compared with an air cooled VRV air conditioning unit can be reduced by over 40%. This is a serious contribution toward the objectives of the F-Gas regulations – see F-Gas Regulations page. The highly efficient compressor used in water cooled air conditioning units also reduces the probability of refrigerant links – a key requirement of the F-Gas regulations. See F-Gas Context for details.

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