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Our Air Conditioning Service

Our Air Conditioning ServiceAt Turn Key Air Conditioning we have the capability and skills which leaves us ideally placed to design, install and maintain air conditioning systems for the built environment. Here are some of the reasons of why businesses in these sectors select Turn Key Air Conditioning as site development partners:

One stop shop

Turn Key Air Conditioning offers a very simple contractual route. It is quite normal for a property developer, corporate body or end user to utilise the services of consulting engineers, and surveyors. Turn Key Air Conditioning has all of these professional functions within its organisation.

Installation flexibility

We have extensive experience in working in shop fitting, construction and commercial environments. With the pressure on achieving completion dates, a vital element for survival in this environment is the need to be self-sufficient. Many organisations are dogmatic in the execution of the project'. Our philosophy is to take a more pragmatic route to achieve the same goal. To achieve this, our staff are trained and equipped to carry out all facets of installations.

Consulting background

Our Air Conditioning ServiceThe consultancy background of our management team is used to the benefit of our air conditioning clients in many ways. At survey and
evaluation stage we often identify issues which could prove to be very problematic at a later stage if not identified. We work very closely with
air conditioning equipment manufacturers. We comply with all Statutory Regulations and are able to negotiate with local authorities on planning issues. Our aim is to provide cost effective solutions which maximise future energy efficiency and minimise our clients‟ carbon footprint and environmental impact for future generations.

In House M&E Function

We have our own mechanical and electrical engineering function within the group. This benefits our clients in two ways. In the first instance, co-ordination of activities is improved, flexibility increased and timescales reduced. Secondly, having M&E as an in-house function enables cost savings for the client.

Here are some examples of how Turn Key Air Conditioning adds value for clients.

A  Optimisation of Utility Supplies

All sites can have either single or three-phase electricity and natural or liquid petroleum gas supplies. During feasibility and design, our proposals aim to offer optimum utilisation of the available services, giving consideration to performance, space planning, sustainability, life-
cycle and prime costs.

B  Landlord, planning, building and control approval

For most of our repeat business clients we deal with this. The process can be daunting for clients not versed in the process.

C  Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA)

In 2001, to encourage businesses to be conscious of their energy efficiency, the government applied a Climate Change Levy (CCL). The
CCL is an energy tax that adds approx. 15% to typical energy bills for UK businesses.

The proceeds from the levy are used to fund the enhanced capital allowances scheme (www.eca.gov.uk). Through this scheme, businesses installing equipment that meets energy efficiency standards can claim the full cost of the installation, and associated works, against
pre-tax profits in the first year.

We are fully aware of the latest air conditioning equipment specifications and we guide our clients through the complex application process.

Client benefits such as these typically cost 8 - 15% of the contract value in consultancy fees. For clients of Turn Key Air Conditioning they come as part of the package on offer and can represent a substantial saving on the total project cost.

Air Conditioning Equipment - Extended Warranty

Our Air Conditioning ServiceDue to the volume of units that we purchase from the major air conditioning systems manufacturers, Turn Key Air Conditioning is able to offer an extended warranty on most of our air conditioning units.

This offers several benefits to our clients with regard to budgets. Firstly, the budgeted costs over the 5 year period will be lower due to the extended warranty. Secondly, the extended coverage means that the air conditioning maintenance budget cost prediction is much more reliable.

Off Site Manufacturing

Construction clients increasingly require a percentage of an air conditioning contract to be manufactured off site prior to installation. TK Air Conditioning have developed a groundbreaking off site manufacturing process for major air conditioning installations.

TK Air Conditioning make no additional charge for using this process, which also enables clients to reap the additional benefits of shorter work programmes, lower costs and reduced risk of accidents. Please visit Off Site Manufacturing for details.

R22 Phase Out – Air Conditioning Users Options

Legislation banned the sale and use of virgin R22 refrigerant from December 2009. To see details of the options open to you, including Mitsubishi Electric‟s Replace Technology and how TK Air Conditioning can help please visit R22 Phase Out.

Compulsory Air Conditioning Inspections

Turn Key Air Conditioning is able to offer our Accredited Assessor services for the compulsory air conditioning inspections at low cost, by building the assessment into a routine maintenance visit. Please see Air Conditioning Inspections page.

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