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TK AC / Mitsubishi Electric Joint Air Conditioning Projects

Please see below details of the recent projects undertaken with our Business Solutions Partners Mitsubishi Electric:

Premier Inn Hotel, Kings Cross, London

Hotel IndigoBoth Mitsubishi Electric and TK Air Conditioning have a strong relationship with the major hotel group Premier Inn, TK Air Conditioning being a Business Solutions Partner of Mitsubishi Electric and also a preferred contractor for Premier Inn. This project involved a major air conditioning installation in one of the group’s central London hotels. A critical client requirement was minimisation of disruption to the hotel’s activity, and also minimum contractor time on site to undertake the installation.

Please click here to view a pdf of the detail of this London hotel air conditioning project, created by our partners Mitsubishi Electric.

Air Conditioning Offsite Manufacturing

These requirements were met by TK Air Conditioning’s innovative offsite manufacturing process. The air conditioning cassettes were configured off site on 2 large skids. Here all of the electrical and piping requirements were installed, meaning that the system simply required connection to the hotel’s systems when on site.

Roof space was at an absolute premium for this project, and the 2 skids were required to locate onto the hotel roof with only a 3mm tolerance for pipework connection. The installation also had to synchronise with kitchen operating times, as the kitchen extraction system had to be removed during installation.

Instead of TK Air Conditioning’s contracting team being onsite for 3 weeks, with all of the attendant disruption and inconvenience to hotel staff and guests, the project was completed in 6 hours on a quiet Sunday morning.

Please see the video below for an appreciation of this joint Mitsubishi Electric / TK Air Conditioning project.

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Hotel IndigoHotel Indigo - Glasgow

This building in Glasgow was originally built in the 19th century as a power station and more recently converted to a call centre for a large insurance company. The offices in the building were open plan and for the conversion into a state of the art 96 bedroom hotel, a 5th floor has been added.

Castle Building Services were appointed as the M&E contractors, who in turn appointed TK Air Conditioning as the specialist air conditioning contractor for the Glasgow project.

Hotel IndigoThe building has an imposing listed facade and internally, TK Air Conditioning had to design the air conditioning system emanating from the hotel’s central lobby configuration.

For ease of cleaning and maintenance retractable air conditioning fan coils were introduced in each room.

Mitsubishi Electric heat recovery VRF air conditioning units were installed. This system design allowed the client to benefit from the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme. The system is designed to have very low operating cost and to reduce the client’s carbon footprint.

Thorntons – Meadowhall, Sheffield

Mitsubishi Electric have a strong relationship with this up market chocolate manufacturer and retailer. Thorntons have appointed Mitsubishi Electric as Business Solutions partners, the objective being that one partner specifies, designs, installs and maintains the air conditioning system for the group.

TK Air Conditioning are the appointed contractor, working on behalf of Mitsubishi Electric. As such we service the whole of the Thorntons estate, involving the design, installation and maintenance of the air conditioning systems.

Thorntons Sheffield outlet presents some specific challenges when specifying the most appropriate air conditioning system for their premises. Temperature must be tightly and evenly controlled at 18 – 19 Deg C for the shopfloor and 14 Deg C for the storerooms.

An important part of the brief for this flagship project was the replacement of R22 refrigerant based system (See R22 Phase Out). A Mitsubishi Electric power inverter split system was selected and installed. This system has proven to be very efficient and cost effective. Carbon emissions have been reduced by over 40% and the client has benefited from the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme, which is intended to encourage companies to install sustainable systems to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, whilst also saving on running costs.

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