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Compulsory Air Conditioning Inspections - What You Need To Know!

The UK Government has introduced new legislation in response to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). This legislation requires air conditioning systems larger than 12kw in capacity to be inspected & their efficiency assessed.

What You Need To Do.

You will find below details of the requirement, how it will be implemented – and what you need to do.


When must I have my Air Conditioning Inspected?
Air conditioning systems rated greater than 250kw should already have been inspected by an Accredited Inspector before 9th January 2009.

The new regulations require systems over 12kw to be inspected by 4th January 2011. However, if the system was put into service after 1st January 2008, then the 1st inspection must be undertaken within 5 years of that date and then every 5 years thereafter.

Why do I need to get my air conditioning systems inspected?
The European Union made commitments under the Kyoto Protocol to reduce carbon emissions and the EPBD will help the EU to meet its climate change objectives.

Buildings are major consumers of energy & are responsible for around 40% of the energy consumption in the EU.

Who is responsible for ensuring inspections are undertaken?
It is the responsibility of the person who controls the operation of the air conditioning system to ensure the inspections are carried out.

The owner of the system will usually control the operation of the system, even if the day to day operation is the responsibility of others. For example, in multi-tenanted buildings it is likely that the Landlord will have control of the systems and will therefore be responsible for having the inspections carried out.

However, if a retailer has 300 shops located in leased premises across the country, the retailer will be considered to be the controller of the system, and thus responsible for the inspections.


How will I know if the system is larger than 12kw in capacity?
One or more air conditioning units within a building controlled by a single person are considered to comprise a single air conditioning system for the purposes of this regulation.
It is therefore likely that an installation containing more than one cooling unit will have a capacity of above 12kw.

If you are in any doubt about the capacity of your air conditioning system you can call us on 0191 438 7410. We will ask for some identification detail, located on the nameplate of the unit and confirm to you its capacity.

Who must conduct the inspection?
To comply with the EPBD, the air conditioning system inspection must be carried out by an Accredited Inspector, who will have successfully undertaken the approved training.

How can Turn Key Air Conditioning help with Air Conditioning Inspections?
TKAC offer the services of an Accredited Air Conditioning Inspector, supported by fully qualified Chartered Building Services Engineers, to ensure an inspection is produced from detailed and accurate information.


Our Accredited Assessor will visit site as part of a routine maintenance visit to inspect the system and produce a report, which will also incorporate recommendations enabling you to make energy efficiency improvements. The report will also be logged on our database along with F-gas details.

By undertaking the assessment in conjunction with a routine maintenance visit, travelling time and expenses are eliminated, enabling us to offer this service at unbeatable rates.

Call us now on 0191 438 7410 for advice or to arrange a visit.