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TK Air Conditioning

Turn Key Goes Off Site

Turn Key Air Conditioning has received an increasing number of requests from construction companies and end users to manufacture more of our equipment off site. The main driver for this move is health & safety related – more off site manufacture means less risk of an accident on the client’s premises.

At Turn Key we have developed a structural response to this request. On larger scale projects, the air conditioning condensers are frequently located on the roof of a building. The builders would normally construct plinths on the roof for the condensers to be located onto. Once in situ, work commences on wiring and plumbing the condensers into the air conditioning system.

We utilise the facilities of a local ship yard to load up to 12 condensers on a skid. The normal process would then be to wire in a separate power source for each of the 12 condensers. Instead, we locate a sub distribution board on the end of the skid. When the skid is craned up and located on site, the electrical contractor then needs to connect up only one power source per skid, as opposed to 12. The condensers are also piped up in the ship yard, with the minimum of connection work required on site.

This off site manufacturing process has several attractions:-

  • Less complex, lower cost and much faster electrical connection.
  • Less time spent working at height, as 75 – 80% of the work that is normally  roof based is done before the condensers are delivered to site. This reduces the probability of an accident and is proving to be a major attraction to site safety officers.
  • The cost of constructing the base for the condensers is reduced. We are given the maximum permissible loading for the roof and we locate the skids direct onto the paving slabs or “pop ups”, ensuring the footprint is within the stipulated maximum loading.
  • Equipment damage on site is reduced. Our condensers are craned onto the roof space pre-protected. The protection is only removed at the end of the roof work, avoiding what can sometimes be substantial damage and replacement costs, with attendant delays to the programme.

Free Of Charge To Clients
We pass on the benefits of this process to our clients free of charge. The mains cabling work remains a chargeable cost, but the benefits of the cost savings, programme time reduction and accident risk reduction are left with the client.

To discuss how our Off Site Manufacturing process could benefit your project, please call us on 0191 438 7401.

R22 Phase Out

R22 is a popular refrigerant, used in over 700,000 air conditioning systems in the UK.
It is known to have ozone depleting potential and the sale and use of virgin R22 will be banned by legislation after 31st December 2009. This legislation has implications for all companies operating air conditioning equipment containing R22. Please see the R22 Phase Out page of our website www.tkac.co.uk for more details, or call us on 0191 438 7401 to discuss how we can help you to assess and deal with your obligations.