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Turn Key Air Conditioning Ltd are contractors dedicated to incorporating innovative and advanced technology within our air conditioning installations wherever possible, in order to provide the most satisfactory results for our clients. We have put this into practice in many instances and have had incredible feedback from clients including hotels, organisations and homeowners.

As part of our service we have introduced clients like the Bell House Hotel in Beaconsfield, to a range of high performance air conditioning solutions. Some of these systems are designed specifically for use within the hotel environment. It was decided that the best option for this hotel was the groundbreaking Melcotel system by Mitsubishi Electric. This technology has a track record of significant energy use reduction, lowering consumption by 50% in one major hotel.

Air Conditioning Installation Contractors for Major Hotel Chains, Energy Efficient Systems, Middlesbrough

The Melcotel system conserves energy by responding automatically to the requirements of each room and enabling appropriate actions including reverting to a predetermined temperature setting. The ability to customise this system presents significant advantages including cost savings and added convenience. The Melcotel controller will work seamlessly whether or not systems are activated with a keycard. When rooms are unoccupied or when a window has been opened and heating or cooling left running, the system will self regulate. Once a guest enters the room the temperature will adjust and be maintained, although the guest can of course override the setting if desired. The Melcotel system is extremely popular and solves a lot of the issues experienced by staff and guests alike.

We are proud of our reputation as air conditioning contractors, for addressing the individual needs of each client, like the Arthouse Hotel, Glasgow. Close consultation with engineers was required during this air conditioning installation project, as the system was to be placed on the roof of this four story listed building. The upgrade consisted of the strategic positioning of an energy efficient Variable Refrigerant Flow [VRF] system, successfully carried out without disturbing the hotels routine. There were several challenges associated with this project, not least as a result of its listed status.

Teesside University Engineering Courses, Rich Industrial Landscape

Teesside University Engineering Courses, Rich Industrial Landscape

Teesside University offers a range of courses including Art & Design, Computing, Psychology and Engineering to name just a few. The Engineering course line up alone presents a choice dilemma with a huge amount of Undergraduate and Postgraduate choices. The subject of engineering incorporates building services, chemical, civil, electrical and electronic, aerospace, fabrication, welding, instrumentation, mechanical, manufacturing and process engineering.

The popular HNC Building Services Engineering course at Teesside Universtiy, is suitable for higher technicians in the building services industry. The course covers areas such as building services engineering contracting, heating and ventilation or refrigeration, electrical and mechanical installation, electrical and mechanical design, estimating, supervision or management. A variety of skills are included as students learn about design, installation, management, service, maintenance and renewable technologies for new or older buildings. The big advantage to studying somewhere like Teesside University is when it comes to looking for placements or work experience, the surrounding locations have a rich choice of manufacturing and industrial activity.

Middlesbrough & The Steel Industry, Prosperity & Population Growth

Middlesbrough & The Steel Industry, Prosperity & Population Growth - credit by Alastair Gilfillan

The North East town of Middlesbrough is hailed as the town that grew and developed more than any other in the UK during the industrial period. Its association with the steel and metal industry is well known. In the early 1800's as with many places up and down the country, change was signalled by the building of the railway, mainly for coal transportation. When ironstone deposits where discovered in the Eston Hills in 1841, there was no stopping the fortunes of the town from booming. Mills, foundaries, engineering works and steel manufacturing plants sprang up in abundance followed by a rise in the population.

Bridges and landmarks in many corners of the world incorporate steel and metal which has been processed in Middlesbrough. Materials used in the creation of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bangkok Memorial Bridge and Tyne Bridge Newcastle Upon Tyne originated in Middlesbrough. Thus its nicknames of 'Iron Town' or 'Ironopolis'. Offshore fabrication, chemical production and shipbuilding have all been positively affected by Middlesbrough's history of innovative steel production, which has contributed enormously to prosperity within the UK.

Air Conditioning contractors, Melcotel Technology, Hotel Solutions High Performance Custom Solutions, Teesside. Air Conditioning Installation Contractors for Major Hotel Chains, Energy Efficient Systems, Middlesbrough. Teesside University Engineering Courses, Rich Industrial Landscape. Middlesbrough & The Steel Industry, Prosperity & Population Growth

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