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Precision Sheet Metal Laser Cutting from www.unicornlasercutting.co.uk


 Precision Sheet Metal Laser
 Cutting from

Unicorn Sheet Metal Works Ltd would like to thank our hosts and web partners at TKAC Air Conditioning for welcoming us onto their site.

Unicorn is a sheet metal fabrication specialist, with state of the art facilities and equipment, who have developed an expertise in laser cutting. Based in the north east of England, Unicorn Sheet Metal Works Ltd provide high quality metal products to customers throughout the UK.

Laser Cutting Precision – Time Saving / Cost Cutting

Traditional metal fabrication techniques such as guillotining or machining still have their place but for a host of metal components and products, modern laser cutting offers precision that cannot be easily replicated by conventional means.

Contrary to most people’s expectations, laser cutting of sheet metal is quick, far quicker than traditional cutting methods. The laser follows a programmed path giving a smooth, clean, exact finish, time after time after time. At Unicorn Sheet Metal Ltd we employ a ‘nesting’ technique, optimising the use of the raw materials and minimising waste.

Savings in time and materials are passed on to customers, making precision laser cutting cost effective and highly efficient with usually a higher turnaround speed than conventional sheet metal fabrications.

Precision Sheet Metal Laser Cutting from www.unicornlasercutting.co.uk

Unicorn Laser Cutting – Investing in the Future

Our latest laser cutting machine is the Trumpf Trumatic 3030. This machine is capable of precision engineering 0.5mm to 20mm metal sheet and has a bed capacity of 3 metres x 1.5 metres.

With laser cutting there is no warping or distortion in the cut metal edges making joins
smoother and welding simple.

Unicorn Laser Cutting – Applications

Precision laser cutting of sheet metals can improve the finish of an almost limitless number of industrial and commercial products and components.

Unicorn Sheet Metal Works customers come from every corner of the industrial world including:

  • Aviation
  • The car industry
  • Shipping
  • Oil & Gas Production
  • Electrical goods manufacturers
  • Tool manufacturers
  • Retail & design companies

Recent examples of products and components made using Unicorn laser cutting techniques include automotive engine fans, tool making components, carpet weaving machine parts, armour plated vehicle panels, aluminium vents and signs & lettering for retail customers.

Traditional Sheet Metal Fabrication

Unicorn Sheet Metal Works continue to provide a comprehensive metal fabrication service. Our Pearson guillotine is able to cleanly cut sheet metal up to 3050mm in length to a thickness of 6mm. A 120 tonne Press Brake machines folds tubing of up to 6mm plate in lengths of up to 3 metres.

We also provide MIG welding and TIG welding, folding, bending, drilling, tapping, machining and rolling. Conventional sheet metal fabrication is ideal for the manufacture of ventilation units, ductwork, pipe work, insulation and bracketing.

Further Information / Contact Us

We are always happy to talk to new and existing customers about their plans and projects.

For more information of our services visit our website at www.unicornlasercutting.co.uk

or contact Unicorn Sheet Metal Works Ltd at any time.

Tel – 0191 262 2882
Fax – 0191 295 1685
E-mail – sales@unicornlasercutting.co.uk


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